Smartphone Sanctification

Cogitatio - thinking.meditation.reflection.

Apps 'integral' to family lifeI’m writing this post to recommend some of my favorite smartphone apps.  Anyone who knows me will recognize the momentous irony of that sentence.  I’m the classic neo-luddite and it will always be a source of pride for me that I managed to hold out on getting a cell phone until I was 24.  But, alas, the mighty have fallen and I too have joined the ranks of captive creatures softly submissive to the developing dictates of the technological age.

But as long as we’re here, we might as well make use of it.  Technology of course is not a bad thing (kudos to the guy who invented the wheel – and indoor plumbing).  There are always dangers with technology, but there are opportunities as well.  One of the ways I’ve found myself blessed by the use of smartphone technology is the use of apps.  Like many of you my…

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