20 Things I Want My Daughters to Understand About Being a Woman

January 19, 2015 by

1.  Lady-like behavior is not weakness.  It’s being gracious, kind, and hospitable.  It’s having enough respect for yourself and consideration for others to dress modestly, speak kind words, and maintain self-control even when you’re angry.  It’s difficult to be lady-like in today’s culture.  But, it’s worth it.

2.  Being a mother is an incredibly beautiful experience.  But, there is much more to womanhood than motherhood.  So, if you find that someday you don’t become a mother, go after your other dreams with all your heart, and seek God’s will for the path He has set you on.

3.  You should never date a man that you already know you shouldn’t marry.  Every marriage began with a first date.  If you know he is bad news, if you know you are incompatible, if you know he isn’t a Christian, don’t go out on a date with him.  Once you fall in love it’s hard to see clearly where your mistakes are being made.

4.  Make it your goal to be healthy, not thin.  There is more to life than dress size.

5.  Don’t look to a man or me or any other human to give you a sense of worth.  You are already worth more than all the fortunes of the world because God made you and He loves you.  If you depend on people to make you feel like you matter, you will be disappointed.  But, God never disappoints.

6.  Life is too short to wear shoes that hurt your feet.

7.  There will be things about your body that you will dislike for your entire life.  Try not to obsess over them.  Just remember that everyone else is too worried about their own bodies to think much about yours.

8.  If you marry a dreamer, don’t kill his enthusiasm with negativity.  Support his crazy ideas and love him through his successes and failures.  Be his biggest cheerleader.

9.  Setting conditions on your happiness will never lead to a happy life.  Instead of thinking, “I’ll be happy once I get this or that,” determine to be happy where you are, as much as you can.  It doesn’t matter what you drive or what kind of house you live in.

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